1. Where can I purchase the bowel preparation for a colonoscopy?

Pico Prep3 is the bowel preparation required for a colonoscopy procedure.   It is readily available over the counter from your local Chemist.  Knox Hospital   It is of utmost importance to ensure a clean bowel that you follow the instruction listed on our website or sent to you.  Please DO NOT follow the instructions on the box.

2. Do I take my routine Medications prior to and on the day of the procedure?

Due to the vast range of Medications used by patients we ask that you check with your GP, Specialist or our Booking Nurse regarding your medication regime leading up to your procedure.  

It is very important that you advise us  if you are a diabetic, on medication, or you are receiving anticoagulant therapy such as Warfarin Plavix, Aspirin etc.

3. How long does the procedure/s take?


A gastroscopy takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

A colonoscopy takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Patients remain in the recovery area 30 to 40 minutes after their procedure.

4. How long am I in hospital?

The procedure/s are completed as a day case, booking  times may be occasionally altered. Expect to be in hospital for the day.

Once your procedures and recovery period is complete, the doctor will see you and give you clearance for discharge.  The staff in the Day Unit can then assist with contacting your preferred transport contact to transfer you home.

5. Are booking times ever altered?

Yes.  While every effort is made to keep your allocated booking time for your procedure, unexpected emergencies, fluctuations in patient levels and type of procedures can vary and as a result may infulence the order of your procedure.  You will be kept informed of any changes.


6. What and when can I eat after my procedure?

You will be provided with a drink and sandwiches during your recover period.  Unless your doctor specifically identifies any dietary requirements to avoid, you can resume your normal diet after discharge from Hospital

7. When will my bowels return to normal after the procedure?

You can expect that your normal bowel habits to return once you recommence adequate quantities of your regular diet.  Please remember that in the case of a colonoscopy you have "fully emptied" your bowel and therefore it takes a couple of days for the food to track through your system.

As a guideline:

Post Gastroscopy - your bowels will return to normal within approximately 1-2 days.

Post Colonoscopy - your bowels will return to normal within approximately 3-4 days.

NB: IF you have bleeding or severe pain after the test, it should be reported to your doctor or seek assistance from your nearest Accident and Emergency Centre.

8. Can I drive myself to and from the procedure?

You will receive a light sedation with your procedure and you are therefore unable to drive or operate machinery on the day of your procedure.  Please ensure someone is available to drive you home after the procedure.  It is helpful if you provide the Day Unit Staff with the name and contact number of the person collecting you so them may phone them in preparation for your discharge.

9. Medical Costs

There are three key areas to consider in relation to costs associated with your procedure.

DOCTOR COSTS - These are the costs associated with the services provided by your Medical Specialist in a Private Hospital.  A "GAP" is the amount you pay for medical fees over and above what you get back from Medicare or your Private Health Insurer/Fund.

Some Health Funds have a "NO GAP" cover arrangement to insure some or all of these additional payments are covered.  Our Medical Specialists and Anaesthetists are part of the NO GAP SCHEME.  Your OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES will be dependent on the Type and Level of your Health Insurance Cover.   We strongly advise you to contact and check with your own Health Fund regarding you potential OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES for the procedures you will be having.

HOSPITAL COSTS - Many Hospitals have arrangements with Health Funds to fully or partially cover your costs relating to hospital accommodation.  If your Health Insurance Policy has an excess or co-payment, you will have to pay the agreed amount of excess or co-payment towards the cost of Hospital treatment up front on admission.  We strongly advise you to contact and check with your own Health fund regarding you potential OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES.

PATHOLOGY COSTS - Some Health Funds now no longer have  NO GAP FEE arrangements for pathology (biopsies/histopathology) taken during a procedure. We Strongly advise you to contact and check  with your own Health Fund regarding you potential OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES relating to Pathology.


10. All other Enquiries?

Endoscopy Bookings - PH  03  8814 1778

Knox Day Unit -             PH  03  9210-7250

Mitcham Day Unit -       PH   03 9210-3270